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Here you will find some questions that I am asked very often and that you might also ask yourself. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me.

How far in advance do I have to make an appointment? Are spontaneous appointments possible?

Usually 1-2 days before. When I'm in the studio, spontaneous appointments are occasionally possible. Just let me know as soon as you know when you want to come.


Why do I have to pay a deposit?

Unfortunately, it happens that appointments are made and the person then unfortunately doesn't show up for the appointment. This not only takes away another person's chance of a free appointment, but I also have expenses from the studio rent that I have to cover. To ensure that everything is fixed for both parties, you should pay a deposit. A deposit is non-refundable as I cancel others for your time slot and plan accordingly.


What do they offer? What are your taboos?

The BDSM area is very diverse. If you haven't found your kink on my site, feel free to ask. I do not offer any intimate contact with the mistress or any type of intercourse. I am truly convinced that you take the energy from the person you are intimate with. 

Vomit and wrestling are also among my taboos.


How does a session work?

Please arrive on time for our appointment. At the beginning we sit down and have a preliminary conversation in which you can tell me exactly what you like, what your taboos are, what you would like to experience and perhaps even what new things you would like to try. Afterwards you can take another shower in the studio and then the session and playing time begins.


I am a beginner, is that a problem?

No, I would like to gently introduce you to the world of BDSM. We can discover together what you like.


Do they also do outcalls? Are you visiting the hotel?

Yes, please contact me.


Do you have a Wishlist?

Yes of course, I am glad when you want to gift me something.




What equipment do you have? Do you also have latex for the slave? Do you also have small/large str*p-ons?

I have a lot of professional equipment so I also have a large selection for str*p-on games. In some studios you can rent a latex suit. Of course I also have masks made of latex or leather for you.


Why does KV cost more? 

I only offer one KV-Session per day for a high quality KV Session. As it is very frequently asked and I only have one date per day the value is higher. Additionally, KV is more intimate than other practices. For these reasons, KV obviously costs extra.

You have further questions?

Contact me here for a session or if you have any further questions.

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