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The session we experience together will be as unique as your fantasies and dreams. Our preferences, our curiosity and your trust create a work of art in themselves. Playing at eye level is also possible for masochists and fetishists.


I would also be happy to gently introduce beginners to the BDSM world. You'd better regret what you did before you regret not doing it.

Further Kinks

  • Breath reduction games (masks, facesitting, as well as other methods)

  • Hold me tight: Bondage

  • CBT: Ballbusting, bondage, clamps, weights, dilators, tease & denial, needles, nerve wheel, injections and much more.

  • Blasphemy

  • Face sitting

  • Giantess fetish

  • Long-term education (sessions at least 4 hours)

  • Nipple torture

  • Shoe and foot eroticism

  • Spanking & Flagellation

  • Sensory deprivation physical, spatial, temporal

  • Electric stimulation games

  • Cane training

  • Spitting

  • Trampling

  • Tunnel games (games with no way out)

  • Interrogations Clinic: catheter, injection with saline solution, cutting and needles

  • Video recordings as a souvenir

Kleiner Fußsklave, Frankfurt

I was able to get a short-term appointment with Miss Felina this week. She was awesome, a really pretty little dominatrix. I was allowed to kneel down in front of her and kiss and lick her socks and beautiful feet. It's just great how she looks and how she did little nasty things to my body. It was a great spontaneous experience!
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