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Let me introduce myself.
My middle name is provocation. 

About me

Cute but psycho

I am Mistress Felina, 25 years old and young dominatrix from Munich. My passion for BDSM  started as a quiet whisper within me that over time has blossomed into a powerful, creative voice.


As a young and sweet girl next door, I am often underestimated. However, I am naturally dominant, so the men's world has always been at my feet without even noticing it. And isn't that the appeal of letting a young woman dominate you?


I am constantly looking for new knowledge to refine and expand my skills and regularly attend workshops on various topics.


No two sessions are the same, every play partner and every game is unique, as are their fantasies. In playing with each other, I love the inspiration that my partner gives me through his secret fantasies. I love it when the game gets dirty, shameless, sinful and licentious.

Height: 1,52 m without heels

Size: XS/32

Shoesize: sweet 36

Hair colour: dark brown

Eye colour: green

Langsames: German 

                      Englisch (fluent)


My session style



I see myself as an artist, my instruments are the craft of  BDSM and your devotion is my canvas. Don't let my soft curves and sweet smile fool you, there's a twisted personality behind it. I know exactly what I want - to watch you become helpless, hungry and begging for more. True dominance sneaks into your head before you realize it. I like to use my feminine and sensual nature to bring my male counterpart to a point where his only desire is to obey me. You will feel completely at my mercy, both physically and intellectually. Before you are physically fixed, you will be captivated by my green sparkling eyes, your brain will slowly empty, the world as you know it will fade and you will lose yourself. You will fall at my feet and be completely under my power. You will be the version of yourself that deep down you always wanted to be. I will use you, , I will abuse you and you will love it.

My Interview

Here you can find my interview at Galerie de Sade:

Let's get more private

On the following pages you will get session insights and private insights.

You can choose the platform according to the payment method you prefer: 

Bestfans - SEPA direct debit


Onlyfans - Credit Card 

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